Duncan McClure Fisher, Management, Underwriting, Claims Handling & Business

Duncan McClure Fisher

Managing Director

Management, Underwriting, Claims Handling & Business Development
Founder and chairman of Warranty Direct for 17 years, Duncan has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the insurance industry. Prior to this, 13 years as an underwriter at Lloyd’s of London ensures Duncan understands what consumers, underwriters and insurers require and how to implement it.

Duncan was responsible for growing the extended warranty marketplace to a reputable industry. He has managed processes, departments, and product development at all levels.
A serial entrepreneur with many insurance-related success stories including Compass Information Systems, Potholes.co.uk, and the Reliability Index; Duncan understands the importance of data, how to harness and present it in a useful and informative manner.
Minster Software is the next in a long line of projects that Duncan has undertaken and with his drive, passion and understanding it will no doubt be a success.